Planning a Card?

We know ordering memoriam cards,sympthy card or remembrance cards for a loved one can be an emotionally difficult task, complicated by having to please extended family and friends with the finished result.

We try to make the process as simple as possible, guiding you through the process of designing a card based on happy memories which can help you through the grieving process.

Firstly, don’t worry or get stressed out, we will see you through the process to achieve the result you want. You don’t need to know printing technical terms or be an expert in photography – that’s our job.
All our cards are individually designed so you can include whatever pictures and verses appeal to you.

Our basic guidelines when it comes to the choice of pictures are:

a) If a photograph is pleasing to you and evokes a happy memory of your loved one, it might not be perfect but if it makes you smile or shows the person in a familiar way then it’s ok to use.

b) If you have doubts about a picture, or it’s not quite as you remember the person chances are you will remain unhappy with it so leave it out.

c) For the main picture over details choose a recent picture if possible. A full face, with clear eyes looking at camera is preferable. Minor blemishes and background objects can be removed, ties straightened or creases on clothes removed.

d) For a collage of pictures just include as many as you think might suit so we have a selection to work with to provide you first proof. If it’s a life collage then pictures from infancy, youth and adulthood will show the person’s life span.

e) For background scenes we have a wide selection in stock or you can provide a local scene such as home place, church or local landscape. Alternatively we can source a suitable picture or leave as a plain background if requested.

f) Verses are listed on our website but we will include your own selection or source suitable verses if requested.

g) We provide a range of religious imagery and verses which can be used as required. However it is perfectly acceptable to have no overtly religious content or pictures if this is a preferred option.

When you have made your selection you can:

1) Put all the material in an envelope and post to our office address. You can do this by standard or registered post. We will design a proof and post to your address as provided or to an email address if specified. All original pictures are cared for and returned with finished order.

2) If you have pictured from a digital camera or scanned files you can add as email attachments and email to our address as provided. Verses can be emailed also with any instructions and the work can be discussed via telephone as necessary. We will proof and email/post copy as requested.

3) If requested we can proof to separate addresses if several family members are involved in decision making.

4) The final order can be split and sent to different addresses as necessary, at an extra charge.